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Ági Szalóki: Gingalló

Ági Szalóki: Gingalló
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Playing time: 60:44
  • Since the release of her debut solo album 'Téli- nyári laboda' in 2004, Ági Szalóki and her band have been interpreting her favourite folk songs from the Carpathian Basin in an inventive new style. The intimate, jazz-tinged follow-up 'Lament' (2005) won both popular and critical acclaim, collecting an Album of the Year Award from the Hungarian Labels' Association in 2006, a feat emulated this year by her third album 'Cipity Lőrinc' (2006).
    Ági sings Gypsy folk songs and well-known poems set to traditional melodies but mostly folk songs from Transylvania, Gyimes and Moldavia, the most interesting and valuable repositories of ancient Hungarian culture. These are age-old tales of love and loss, joy and sorrow, happiness and grief, prime examples of the oral tradition that have been passed down from generation to generation. The arrangements, however, are modern collaborations between Ági and the classically trained musicians accompanying her they are all open to contemporary influences and are not afraid to take chances. In their new environment the lyrics are revitalized, imbued with relevance for a world wide audience in the 21st century. The musicians play these songs in their own way, experimenting freely, and Ági sings from the heart, beautifully as always, with great dignity and sensitivity.

    Ági Szalóki - voice
    Dávid Lamm - guitar, voice
    Zoltán Kovács - double bass, voice
    András Dés - percussion, voice

    Kornél Fekete-Kovács - horn
    Gábor Juhász - guitar
    Péter Szalai - tabla
    Balázs Szokolai "Dongó" - flute, tárogató
    Tale teller: György Cserhalmi
    track title:

    1. Japán kacsák
    2. Gingalló
    3. Ibolya, ibolya
    4. Gyógyfüves
    5. Libegő
    6. Érik, érik a cseresznye
    7. Egy szép domb
    8. A szeretőm pakulár
    9. A csizmámon nincsen ták
    10. Őskori motívum
    11. Gyöngy az idő
    12. Sárkány - paripán
    13. Majd megválik
    14. Pista bácsi
    15. Báró és gróf
    16. Chanson
    17. Huszonhárom király
    18. Huszonhárom király
    19. Balaton
    20. Fehérlófia
    21. Megyen már a hajnalcsillag
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