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Besh o droM: Best of droM

Besh o droM: Best of droM
11 $
World music from Hungary
Playing time: 58:58

  • „Besh o droM... means „sit on the road” in Lovari (a kind of Gypsy) language”, start all the descriptions. This expression really means „look after you business”, „do what you have to”, „find yourself”. The band started out 11 years ago to follow their own way, as their name suggests.

    Besh o droM presents us the music of an imaginary world. In this world neighbouring peoples know each other, love each other and play each other’s musics. Various traditions are free to blend with each other and with modern influences. In this world there is no „folk police”, folk music can be used, formed freely, and from self-taught punk-rocker to instructed Gypsy musician anyone is free to play it.

    This best of album was made in 2011 along with the 5. album, which in the past 10 years of successful songs can be heard.

    Lili Kaszai – vocals
    Ádám Pettik – percussion, vocals
    Gergely Barcza – saxophones, kaval, EWI, tárogató, kaossilator
    Attila Sidoo – guitar
    Attila Herr – bass
    József Csurkulya – hammered dulcimer
    Vilmos Seres – accordion
    track title:

    1. Space Maudi
    2. Mahala
    3. Román swing
    4. Tortapapír
    5. Makedón
    6. Meggyújtom a pipám
    7. Lake Jakha
    8. Úgy elmennék
    9. Ha megfogom az ördögöt
    10. Rumelaj
    11. Büntető
    12. Túl e vizen
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