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Dances from Moldva - Klezse, Somoska
Hungarian folk dance tutor - Moldva  
Székely Dances from Bukovina
Hungarian folk dance tutor - Székely Dances from Bukovina 
Dances from Szék - Dance lessons
Authentic presentation from Szék, and teaching of the dance. 
43 Moldavian Folk Dances - 2 DVDs
Instructional DVD for Moldavian dances 
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Hungarian folkdances from Vajdaszentivány - 2 DVDs
Instructional DVD - Transylvania, Vajdaszentivány 
Partner dances from Mezőség
Tutor for partner dances - Bonchida, Visa, Magyarpalatka 
Dances from Magyarpéterlaka
Hungarian folk dance tutor - Magyarpéterlaka 
  The Method of Playing the Koboz / Cobza - tutorial DVD double
The Method of Playing the Koboz / Cobza - tutorial DVDs (double) 
Csík Band: Concert (dvd)
Folk music and world music
Folk music for violin players - DVD-ROM
Folk music from Mezőkölpény for violin players - DVD-ROM


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