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Lovász Irén: Inner Voice

Lovász Irén: Inner Voice
11 $
Playing time: 51:00
  • "Inner Voice is the second chapter of Healing Voices, this current series of CDs. Inner Voice is a meditative inner journey meant to awaken the primeval powers slumbering at the very depth of the "Self". It is a bringing up to the surface the energies of the ancient elements of earth, water, fire and air with the natural means of music and harmony.
    We can only reach the very depth of our selves by the help of growing silent completely, a turning inward in meditation. The touching of the primeval powers slumbering in the depths of our "Self" happens when we use the most ancient of string instruments, that is, the human voice, archaic Hungarian folksongs, Gregorian chants and special instruments that awaken the four archetypical elements." - Irén Lovász

    You can prelisten the tracks into Irén Lovász's homepage.

    Irén Lovász - voice
    János Kerekes - didgeridoo
    Ágnes Pintér - harp
    Gergely Balázs - violin
    Judit Gesztelyi Nagy - shakuhachi
    Zoltán Mizsei - voice

    track title:

    1. Föld / Earth
    2. Víz / Water
    3. Tűz / Fire
    4. Levegő / Air
    5. Belső hang / Inner Voice
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