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Transylvanian folk flute - erdélyi furulya


The Transylvanian folk flute is a diatonic six hole flute. The internal bore is waisted / conical. The sound of this flute is closed and dark. There is a special blowing technique for this flute. If you cover the top of the window with your jib / lower lip, you will hear the octave of the current note. It is enough to cover the upper ~2 mm. After that you should do "growling" sound with your throat and you will hear a very loud, overtone-rich sound.


Fingering chart for transylvanian flute.


Traditional material of these flutes were softwoods, like elder or alder buckthorn but nowadays the hardwood flutes are also popular. The ornament was carving, painting, tin or copper. Lately copper ornament is used only on "souvenir" instruments because blue vitriol is toxic, so it is not healthy to keep it in your mouth.

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