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Western Hungarian folk flute – Dunántúli furulya

The western Hungarian folk flute is a diatonic six hole flute. The internal bore is parallel and it’s sound is very similar to classical recorder - opened and shiny. Usually the tone range is two and a half octave, of course it's depends on the specific instrument. The keynote of the flute is the lowest note. Most popular keys: C, A and G, but there are several other keys like B, high D and high E, or low F.

On every hungarian six hole folk flutes you can play 4 scales comfortably: starting from the keynote there is a Major scale. Starting from the second hole, there is a minor scale, from the fourth hole there is a Major scale and from the fifth hole there is a minor scale. So with a C flute you can play C Major, D minor, F Major and G minor. Of course you can play semitones by half-cover the holes and some other solutions, but it won't be comfortable and you can't play quick melodies correctly.
Fingering chart for western hungarian folk flute.

Traditionally it was made of softwood - like elder - but there was some hardwood (plum, peach, ash) and metal furulya too. The traditional ornament was carving, like this "pikkelyes furulya".

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