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Júlia, Kubinyi: On my way
Playing time: 65:19 
Lajko Felix - Infinity
Lajko Felix and the Budafoki Dohnányi Orchestra
Playing time: 51:10 
CimbaliBand: Moldva
Playing time: 48:39 
Bazseva: First
Playing time: 58:10 
Lovász Irén: Inner Voice
Playing time: 51:00 
Parapács: Bebocsátlak
Playing time: 71:38 
Góbé: That's the way it goes!
Playing time: 42:22 
Irén Lovász: Groove and Voice Trio: Soundscape
Playing time: 51:38 
13 $
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EtnoRom: Diri, diri - gipsy world music
Gypsy music from Hungary
Playing time: 49:58
Folk music form Kalotaszeg
Ifj. Fodor Sándor "Neti": Szegelet
Playing time: 51:11 
Playing time: 40:01 
Csík Band: Lélekképek
Playing time: 77:54 
  Albert Mohácsy and the MagyarVista Social Club: Sad Songs of Lili
Playing time: 42:16 
13 $
On Sale: 6 $
Begin: 17/09/2015
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Ági Szalóki: Cipity Lőrinc
Playing time: 56:49 

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