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Lair whistle
One hole whistle. 
Hungarian folk ocarina - kortemuzsika - pears music
Neckstrap folk ocarina, körtemuzsika (pears music). It has 8 holes – 6 on top and 2 back holes.
Diatonic instrument, of course I will send it with fingering chart. 
5 $
Nincs raktáron
Wooden ocarina - 6 hole ocarina in "C"
Neckstrap wooden ocarina. It has 6 holes – 4 on top and 2 back holes. Well tuned, diatonic instrument.  
Bird Water Whistle - ceramics, handmade
Simple ceramics whistle - sounds like a bird. 
Wooden ocarina - 8 hole ocarina in "D"
Simple 8 hole ocarina in D. 
Wooden Spoon with Whistle
Hand painted wooden spoon with whistle. 
Walnut ocarina
4 holes whistle. 
  Three-hole whistle - simple flute - necklace whistle - handmade
Simple three-hole whistle.
Range: 4 notes 
9 $
Nincs raktáron
Wooden kazoo - handmade mirliton membrafon whislte
Simple folk woodwind. Very easy to use. 

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